Mentoring for Dyslexic Adults and Youth

By Joseph Feusi 

I have a specialty mentoring fellow dyslexics, both adults and youth. I understand from the inside out what the gifts and challenges of dyslexia mean. Having a successful dyslexic as a Mentor can exponentially help you achieve your goals and dreams in ways that you may not yet have been able to imagine!  

A lot of emphasis is placed on the importance of dyslexics receiving a good education in a conventional or specialty educational system. I understand the importance of dyslexics receiving a good education. However, what is commonly missed is the importance of dyslexics being supported in their unique gifts in order to have high self esteem. 

I view having high self esteem as the most important factor in the success of a dyslexic individual.  

I have seen a lot of dyslexics with very limited education become very successful in both their personal and professional lives because they have high self esteem and a profound sense of self that is on par with the unique gifts that dyslexics are born with. On the other hand, I have seen dyslexics who have managed to survive the educational system and are well educated, but they enter life with a very low sense of self esteem and in some cases trauma from going through the conventional education system. 

My belief is that dyslexics who believe in themselves are unstoppable.  

They will draw to them the unique resources and education that they need to accomplish whatever they want to dream into being if they believe in themselves.  

So, in supporting dyslexics, I would best be described as The Self Esteem Mentor to launch young dyslexics into the world, and to help mature dyslexics realize that they have a wellspring of gifts. 

Self esteem and a high sense of self worth are the chief causal agents that enable a dyslexic person to inhabit and express their gifts and to succeed in life.  

I am here to help you know you are amazing! 

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