The Road I've Travelled

Speaking of destiny—I’m a naturally born Mentor. 

I have an ability to see patterns and with practicality, laser-like accuracy, compassion, humor and thoroughness to help people figure out what they actually need to do to change their patterns and get the desired effect that they were hoping for. I've been mentoring people at Motivational Mentor since 1994.

  • I've been a natural mentor from the beginning! It was not uncommon or considered strange for adults to come over to my parents’ house and ask my advice.
  • I live my life fully. I built my first house as a general contractor at the age of 21. I designed my first home and built that at age 23. That’s about the patterns of physical structures and about motivating intense guys on my crew. Next I took a dive into the patterns of the psyche.
  • I wanted a deeper understanding of the family I’d come from and the very human dilemma of being chained to old patterns and the heroic quest to throw off the bonds and instead live a life of freedom and meaning. Ever the avant-garde guy—I changed careers and became a Mentor.
  • Mentoring offered me a way of expressing my gifts and giving public speakings on a variety of topics while I skied in the winter, kayaked in the summer, taught martial arts to the elderly and youth, and offered classes that included taking a group of men, and on separate occasions women on—successful—field trips to teach them how to date.
  • Mentoring helps people learn how to work the world better, how to do things. It’s like being at a race track—mentoring is like helping clients know what to do to win the race. I feel at home as a Mentor because it’s the thing I was born to do—that I’ve been doing since the adults came to see me for help when I was a teen. So I began Motivational Mentor in 1994. My clients included people in the film and entertainment industry, business leaders and musicians, as well as individuals launching themselves into new businesses, college, and finding and living their destiny in a variety of ways.
  • Once again I felt the pull of my dreams to expand and create. I took a sabbatical from mentoring to write several film scripts and hone my guitar and singing skills—both lifelong passions of mine.
  • Following my dreams lead me to bring my film and guitar projects to San Francisco. With the Bay Area as my current home base I’ve found a new and deeper incarnation of being a Mentor for clients both locally and throughout the world via Skype and phone.
  • Of further note: I have the gift of being dyslexic. What began as a rocky road for me as a young person turned out to be one of the most important keys in my ability to understand patterns and find surprising solutions. I learned, along with other dyslexic folks like John Lennon, Pablo Picasso, Steven Spielberg, Leonardo da Vinci and General George S. Patton—to trust my intuition and creativity and offer it to serve others. In addition, I have made a specialty of mentoring dyslexic adults and youth. To learn more about my journey of dyslexia, click this link: Joseph's Journey as a Dyslexic

"Trust in dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity." Khalil Gibran 

About Joseph

I Offer My Gifts To Help You Realize Your Dreams
My unique blend of gifts allows me to think outside the box and with laser-like accuracy to recognize patterns and intuitively come up with practical and surprising solutions as I help my clients take the necessary steps to implement what needs to be done to realize their dreams.

Joseph's Journey of Dyslexia

Click this link to learn more about dyslexia and my journey as a dyslexic  Joseph's Journey as a Dyslexic.

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