Making Changes and Claiming Your Free and Full Life!

Going for your dreams will require you to make some changes. 
When human beings decide to abandon a pattern, either by choice or because of involuntary circumstances, they are going against the homeostatic force that holds together the very fabric of the universe. It really helps when you allow motivation and change to go hand in hand, and that usually means getting the support of a wise, grounded helper. A mentor will:  

  • Help you find your motivation to change. 
  • Help you to keep making changes. 
  • Believe in you and reflect to you who you truly are. 

"Better the Devil You Know" 

Dreams and new project require change. If change is so beneficial, why is it so difficult for humans to go through it? No matter how uncomfortable our current circumstances are, we know where we are. “Better the devil we know!” When the winds of change blow through our lives, it becomes very difficult to predict where we will end up. We prefer the familiarity of the known to the uncertainty of the unknown. This clinging to what is familiar—even though it keeps us small— brings up the feeling that has brought more transitions to a screeching halt than anything else in the world: Fear.  

  • Fear paralyzes us.  
  • Fear separates us from our creative self and as a result we can no longer envision a positive outcome to the circumstances involving change.  
  • By the time our fear has affected us enough, we seek out others to communicate with to help us rationalize our fear back down to its appropriate size. Often those we reach out to have their own fear triggered as an instinctual response to hearing our fear. As a result of this fear response from others, we often choose to hide our fear or hide ourselves. This isolation only further deepens our sense of hopelessness.  
  • When this happens we are usually left with only three choice: fight, flight or freeze—ie, becoming paralyzed and unable to choose and act.  

A Mentor Helps You Make the Changes Your Creative Self Already Envisions 

It is often so difficult for us to see ourselves in the world, and yet seeing ourselves as a reflection in the eyes of others is how we come to know ourselves. We are at an especially vulnerable time when we have a mixture of fear and wisdom. Who we seek out to reflect us is key— if they are afraid then they reflect our fear back to us. If they are wise and grounded, they will reflect that back. This is where mentoring come in:  

  • Having a mentor to talk to can help you jump-start your creative side and help you to accurately assess and remove the obstacles that are in front of you:  
  • A mentor will help you believe in a positive outcome and this supports you in continuing your efforts.  
  • A mentor can also put you in contact with resources and support that you were not aware of.  
  • A mentor gives you a sense of being connected to someone that you know is there for you.  

Whether you're going after a gold medal, applying for a new job, or getting a divorce; including a mentor in your transition will save you time and energy.