Discovering Your Vocation

Who are You? What Do You Want to Do as a Career?

When people seek me out requesting help in identifying what they want to do as a career, I ask them what do they think or feel that they would like to do. They get very nervous and say "I don't know." This is a common response. We are raised in a society that is based on freedom. It is called "The Great Experiment in Freedom." We are shown a lot about what freedom is supposed to look like in the media. But we are taught very little about actually being free. 

  • Freedom of choice is the chief ingredient in creating a great career. 
  • After we sit in a chair at school for hours on end, being told "here is the right answer to the question," we lose the ability to ask the right questions. 
  • Two questions in particular require a lot of creativity: "Who am I," and "What do I want to do as a career?" 

When we started out as children we had so much creativity we could not contain it! By fifth grade we had to take a creative writing class—this was not to help us manage our creativity, it was to help us reclaim what little was left that wasn't lost. By no means is the educational system the only repressor to creativity. The list is too numerous to mention. So it should not come as any surprise that people cannot identify what they would like to do as a career when they have lost almost complete touch with their creativity. 

As your mentor, I will help you reclaim your creativity and then guide you to finding the greatest expression of your talents as a vocation. 

If you already know what you want to do, then I will help you get there with the least amount of effort and maximum efficiency possible. However, most of us have only our familial role models from which to draw on. Most of our parents were not happy with their careers either, if they were even allowed to have one. If we do not want to follow in their footsteps, then we need to break the chain. 

  • The chain of unfulfilled dreams is broken with creativity. 
  • Hidden within creativity is your real treasure trove of: desire, intelligence (emotional and intellectual), wonder, talent, brilliance, intuition, assertiveness, determination, endeavorment, expression, satisfaction and joy. 
  • Let's find your creativity, and then let’s design and build your dream vocation!

Changing Vocations

I have helped many people change careers. 

Being stuck in a dissatisfying career could be the result:

  • Of you being asked to make a choice on a career before you fully knew who you were. As a result, you may have made a major investment in an occupation that does not represent you as the person you are. 
  • Or you have evolved out of what you have been doing before, and it just doesn't fit now. 
  • These unexpected transitions could also be the result of being down-sized, out-sourced, out-moded, laid off, or retired. 

As your mentor, I can help you with the transition and identification of options that are available that you may not be able to see at the moment. 

I have guided and taken many clients through vocational transition. It always works out. 

  • When you are going through the transition you may not be able to see this at the time. 
  • You may have a lot of people who are dependent on you and who you are responsible for. 
  • The type of support for vocational transitions in this day and age requires a lot of expertise. Most transitioners and their families and friends are not skilled enough to handle the process needed. 
  • Then, if poor choices are made, things can quickly get worse; or the transitioner is afraid to tell others how afraid they are. They do not want to make people they love feel bad. 

This situation is an incubator for fear and stress for all involved. Having someone that you can just vent with, who is not at risk of being affected by your fear is a big help in itself. There is always a way. It is do-able. We will find it and put it into action!

Becoming An Entrepreneur

Opening Your Own Business

More people will open up some type of business this decade than ever before. E-commerce has a lot to do with this. If you are feeling that you would like to be out there on your own, in your own business—this is the time! 

You will very quickly discover that you cannot do this alone. To be an entrepreneur you will need a lot of support, and you will need to know how to evaluate the support that you are pursuing and receiving. In addition to working with a professional mentor, you will need to find mentors in the area of your endeavors who volunteer their knowledge, talents and skills to pass on to you as their protégé. 

As your professional mentor; 

  • I will work with your foundational support system. 
  • This can include your accountant, insurance agent, financial planners, attorneys, practice or career management consultant, media and advertising agent, image consultant, banking and loan officers, web page designers, e-commerce management, health and stress management specialist, office management staff, employee training and referral services. 

There are a lot of pitfalls in business, although most of them can be avoided through guidance, research, training and education. Experience is a great teacher, but sometimes the lessons can be overwhelming, especially if we find out that they were avoidable and unnecessary. These lessons can dishearten you in becoming an entrepreneur. 

As your mentor I will work to keep you on track with your life and business plan, so you are not out there alone. Together we will put together a plan of action and bring it into reality.

Joseph's Acquisition Rule

"Joseph's Acquisition Rule" about acquiring anything is: If you haven't asked three times, as far as I'm concerned you haven't asked. You might as well tell who you're asking to give you what you're asking for, because that's the only way they're going to get rid of you! If you're running around with this philosophy you better be damn sure that you want what you're asking for, because you will get it!