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For individuals:  

  1. Please fill in and send me The Client Intake Form, which you'll find below. 
  2. Upon receiving your client intake form, I'll review your information and contact you for a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation.
  3. Information concerning fee structures is available after review of intake forms and initial consultation. 

For businesses and organizations, lectures, and workshops, please contact the office at 907-562-7353. Corporate mentoring fees and retainers are negotiated based on the issue to be worked through and the number of participants involved. 
Cancellation policy: Your scheduled time is guaranteed; however, all sessions are subject to cancellation. You are required to give a 48-hour notice of cancellation, or your time will be deducted as used and billed to you. 

To contact the office for any reason other than to schedule a session please call 907-562-7353.

Dyslexic?-call me instead of filling out the form

If you have dyslexia or are challenged with any other learning difference, please feel free to call me and I will do an intake with you over the phone that does not require you to fill out the form below. If you've listened to or read through my bio you will have learned that I am a dyslexic as well, and I know how hard forms are from the inside out! So please give me a call at 907-562-7353. 

Client Intake Form

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