On Being Dyslexic

On Being Dyslexic 

I offer a one hour free information session for my dyslexic clients. Most dyslexics are taught to focus on their liabilities as a result of dyslexia. And of course in school that’s what you are tested for. The reality of the set of circumstances is that dyslexics have a whole bunch of assets that are beyond the scope of what is taught in school. Most of these assets operate in the realm of what would be best described as intuitional arts. Most dyslexics have the gift of just knowing things though they cannot explain how they come to know them. In most educational environments the student is subjected to the belief system that holds that knowledge comes from the outside in. This system isn’t capable of recognizing, understanding or supporting the kind of knowledge that comes from the inside out, which is the strength of a dyslexic. As a result of not being seen and understood in the conventional education system, most dyslexic people are unaware of the profound and valuable assets that they have as a dyslexic person that the general population does not possess. 

When I determine that someone has dyslexia it’s not based upon your reading, spelling, writing or any of the other classical arts that are perceived by the educational system. I base your dyslexia on imagination, intuition, problem-solving and the ability to take concrete knowledge and abstract ideas and put them together to create something that is a modification on existing thoughts, ideas and things. Or the ability to create something completely out of the ordinary and sometimes even in the realm of the extraordinary. Because most dyslexic people have been taught to have such a negative view of their dyslexia and themselves, they are completely clueless about the benefits of dyslexia. They may even believe that there are no benefits. It’s also hard to justify and explain these benefits to people who simply don’t have them or understand. In a lot of ways it’s like trying to explain to people who are colorblind what colors are. Dyslexia exists in this world for reason. Dyslexic people are the original big thinkers! If somebody is thinking way outside the box, they are probably dyslexic and they’ve learned how to present and defend their ideas in the world based upon their gifts. 

So give me a call or email and we’ll set up your info session on being dyslexic! 

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