Mentoring for Dyslexic Adults and Youth

By Joseph Feusi 

I have a specialty mentoring fellow dyslexics, both adults and youth. I understand from the inside out what the gifts and challenges of dyslexia mean. Having a successful dyslexic as a Mentor can exponentially help…

Our Sacred Mother

Guest Appearance Speaking by Joseph Feusi on Mother's Day 1997. Transcribed from a recording. 

I wrote this long ago, but I occasionally still give this to my clients to read. It’s important to realize that we have more gifts than

Enhancing Communication Skills

By Joseph Feusi

Dear Readers, 
I was writing a letter to a prospective client about teaching people how to communicate better. I thought it would make a good blog to help people better understand communications. So here goes! I hope…

Dreams and Family History

By Joseph Feusi 

In this blog I’d like to talk about family history as it relates to the fulfillment of your dreams. Whenever I talk to mentoring clients I try to have them give me an inventory of the history…

Hello and Welcome

Hello, this is Motivational Mentor Joseph Feusi. I'd like to welcome you to my newly updated website that was designed and built by Kathleen Dunbar. Thank you for stopping by and checking it out. I will be making blog-postings here…